June 29th, 2012
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1390217_love_in_the_sunsetI have been researching African adoption for both this blog and the Ethiopian one. This is a very busy area. The popularity of African adoption is on the rise. It seems to be gaining ground by the day. This is great news because the need is so very great. There are children in many areas that have no food, shelter or basic living necessities. Adoption can take care of the many needs that exist. Yet, it is difficult to complete an adoption from the African countries. There is a lot of unrest in the program that must be watched for. I said in the Ethiopian blog that there is little governmental control in place and a large amount of need. This can cause problems.


If you are interested in adopting from Africa, use wisdom. First, consult a reputable agency. The United States government strongly cautions that people adopting from this area should not attempt to hire a lawyer and do a personal adoption. This has caused problems in the past and led to many disappointed prospective adoptive parents. Do not go this route. Only agencies that are on the ‘approved list’ can offer the caliber of services that you would desire.

Second, keep in close contact with the agency and research where your area of African adoption is heading. This will help you to be informed when a slowdown/shutdown occurs and why.

Third, read other people’s experiences. Talk to people about their adoptions and join groups. The people that are members of these groups normally stay up-to-date on the information that is pertinent. This can be an invaluable resource. It is amazing the amount of information that people who have walked the journey you are interested in traveling share. In the past, I have told about families in my circle who have adopted from Africa. Some of them have had success, others have suffered heartache but every one of them knows in their heart that the heavy need and dire circumstances must be dealt with.

The children of the African countries need solid, stable families. They have been dealt a hand that is difficult for them to deal with. The compassion that drives this adoption program is what makes it so very great. Areas of Africa are implementing stronger regulations in order to ensure the safety of the children and prospective adoptive parents. This trend will continue as the program grows.

African countries are not party to the Hague Convention and do not hold to its statutes.

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