August 30th, 2012
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1397374_wooden_heartAfrican adoption has taken major steps in recent years. These steps have opened up this nation to the adoptive community and prospective adoption parents are very interested. Recently, South Africa opened its doors to embrace intercountry adoption. This is a great step and will offer many children a chance. I love this.

Yet, there are precautions that must be taken in order to protect yourself. If you looking to embark on the journey of adoption from another country. The first recommendation is probably the most important. Hire only reputable, approved agencies to complete the adoption. Though this may appear to be the pricey way to go- it is not something that should be shirked. I have heard of many people who deviated from this by hiring their own lawyers and have suffered greatly. It is not worth the risk.


Another important aspect of intercountry adoption is relying heavily on the experiences of others. All of the love and desire to make a child’s life better will not prepare a prospective parent for daily interactions that must occur. Bringing a child into your home is not easy. It takes dedication, time and patience. This can be difficult to muster when entering unprepared. There are many blogs and journals that can be accessed online that can give an inside view into the heart of adoption from Africa.

Adoption from Africa can be a costly endeavor. It is vital to ensure that all bases are covered. This offers protection for both the child and the prospective parent. There is no greater heartache then to invest yourself and find out that you cannot complete the adoption for whatever reason.

Intercountry adoption offers the chance for children to find loving homes and parents to find children. This is good. The growth of open countries in Africa facilitates the humanitarian effort to care for the orphans of the world. There was a time that adoption was very difficult and seemed reserved for the very wealthy. As adoption becomes more common, its doors are open to a larger sector of society. Good, solid hard-working people are looking into adoption. By increasing adoptions in this sector, the number of children who are living in families is increasing and the number of waiting children is dropping. This is why everyone involved in adoption does what they do. If one life is changed- their job is successful.

Most of the countries in Africa are open for adoption. They are rarely Hague Convention certified and do not hold to its statutes.

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