September 30th, 2012
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1343139_world_map_4We continue to watch as African adoption grows and develops. Many of the countries within Africa are looking to regulate their adoption programs in order to meet the overwhelming response that they are receiving. This is an amazing time in the adoption world. There are so many children that need the stability and love that is found in the realms of adoption. The countries in Africa have been known to struggle with poverty and disease. The children are affected the worst in these types of situations. They are hungry, have little to no medical care and are often responsible for the care of many of their family members. This is just the tip of the problem. The cleanliness and sanitation of these areas coupled with the lack of viable water often results in health issues that seem to only escalate. Another issue facing the children and the future generations is the lack of proper education. This lack is probably one of the worst facing this nation.


Yet, that is where adoption comes in. What an amazing time that we live in. Lives can be changed. Health can be restored and education can be given. On top of that, families are built. There is nothing that beat that. If everyone who has a heart for adoption were to act on that desire, so many children could be saved. It gives me chills to think about it.

At this point, there are many countries in Africa that are offering intercountry adoption. These countries, as I stated earlier, are working on maintaining their regulation. They are growing in popularity and have had to quickly make changes that would them allow to properly meet this need. If you are interested in adoption from this area, it is imperative that you consult proper legal authorities and agencies. In the recent past, there have been problems with fraud and paper mishandling several areas. This has the chance of being avoided by seeking reputable agencies and only using their services. Stepping outside of this realm can lead to major heartache and financial setbacks.

There have been other families who have gone through the whole adoption process with a country within Africa and got as far as going there only to find out that the child that they were promised was ‘not available.’ This can be very costly and heartbreaking to find out after all of the paperwork, waiting and money invested. Please consider adoption from this area with an open but cautious heart.

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  1. mill says:

    With all due respect: adoption is NOT the solution to systemic problems like poverty and lack of proper education. If that were the case, we should be encouraging Scandinavians, who have excellent health care and public schools, to adopt the millions of American children who are uninsured and underserved by their public schools. What these American children need is solutions to the problems their parents and communities face so that they can be better cared for, not to be separated from them and adopted to another country. The same is true for a vast majority of African children. Some have lost both parents and do need adoption, without question. But most of them have parents or communities struggling to care for them and it is these parents and communities that need support.

    Also, Africa is not a nation but a continent composed of many diverse nations.

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