March 23rd, 2011
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952358_songOf great interest to me this week was the conversation that I had with the father of the family that is working on an adoption from Uganda. They have begun to fundraise by selling shirts. I couldn’t believe that they had sold 300 shirts already. Hopefully those sales will help to alleviate the heavy financial burden that they are taking on. He is excited. He is contacting lawyers and figuring out the legal end of things. While he is stateside preparing, his pastor and wife are visiting Uganda and the orphanage where the children will come from. Perhaps they will get to meet the children that this young couple will work so hard to bring to America for a new life. How amazingly small the world seems at times.


This blog is going to move away from Uganda and into the Western part of Africa to a country called Ghana. Intercountry adoption from the country of Ghana began in 1999. In this twelve year relationship, over 300 children have been adopted by people from the United States. In 2009, one hundred and three were legally adopted. In order to be eligible to adopt from this country, a prospective parent must be 25 years old and at least 21 years older than the child they are considering. Married people are considered but single people are not eligible unless they are a citizen of Ghana. Prospective parents must be gainfully employed, sound minded and healthy. A physical exam must be on record.

The time frame for adoption completion is 1 yr. but an additional 1 to 6 months is required in order for the USCIS and Homeland Security in Accra to complete a field investigation into the adoption status of each child. No visa will be given until this investigation is complete and satisfactory. This is because of the high incidences of fraud which this country has struggled with in the past. At this point, Ghana is open to intercountry adoption and is not under Hague Certification.

Interested in adopting from Ghana? Take time to do your homework. Research agencies and find a reputable one to work with. There are many beautiful children available from this area.

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  1. stacy622 says:

    My husband and I would love to adopt from Ghana! The cost is just too much right now.

  2. Angie says:

    That is the hardest part about adoption especially international. Hang in there. What a beautiful heart you and your husband must have.


  3. kmeadows says:

    Without giving specifics could anyone tell me what the average cost is for an international adoption? Are there any church agencies that you all know of that would possibly help with the cost? Please excuse my questions I am new to the website and really want to get the ball rolling but unfortunately of money were to be an issue then I would unfortunately remain in a holding pattern.

    Thanks for your time

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